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The award-winning documentary film 4 Wheel Bob tells the story of Bob Coomber, an intrepid adventurer who sets out to be the first wheelchair hiker to cross the 11,845-foot Kearsarge Pass in the Sierra Nevada.

Kearsarge Pass is a classic high approach into the Eastern Sierra, ten miles north of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower forty-eight. The famously steep and prolonged trail to the pass unfolds with Kings Canyon National Park providing the dramatic backdrop. For Bob in his wheelchair, this adventuring is fraught with danger. He must deal continually with altitude sickness and the threat of diabetic coma, not to mention possible fatal or crippling falls in the steep terrain. The path is often blocked with shattered granite, and Bob must turn his wheelchair backward in order to push uphill using only his arms. Going downhill has its own hazards; the trail is narrow, and his wheels often skid on the loose rock. We gain an intimate, foot-by-foot familiarity with Bob’s herculean effort and with some of the most perilous sections of the famous trail.

Away from the Sierra, Bob is an advocate for the disabled in his beloved Northern California. He takes groups who use wheelchairs as well as war veterans on local hikes, teaching about ecology, animal and plant life, and ways to navigate in the wilderness. This story of overcoming immense obstacles will inspire us to look at our own self-imposed limitations and perhaps reach beyond what we think is possible.

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We've created the 4 Wheel Bob Screening Kit to enhance and deepen your use of the film. It consists of the educational DVD, a public performance license, and a Viewer’s Guide. A printed version of the Discussion Guide is included with all DVD purchases.


Bob's trail hiking efforts reflect the ups and downs of life itself: being inspired to achieve one's goals despite what might seem to be overwhelming physical and medical obstacles." I would recommend this film to people of any age and ability as it highlights the relationship between effort and achievement, the awesome beauty of nature and the outdoors, and overcoming all the rocks and obstacles on the trail and in life.

— David L. Jaffe
Instructor of Assistive Technology Course,
Stanford University

4 Wheel Bob is an outwardly modest film of immense emotional import, investigating the spirit of a man in a wheelchair, a seasoned California outdoorsman named Bob Coomber, whose goal is to be the first to ascend Kearsarge Pass in the High Sierra under his own steam. The film, a work of quietly ravishing artistry, puts us in mind of ancient myths while telling a simple, earthbound contemporary story.

The film will be an excellent teaching tool in creative writing courses because of its clever shaping of a compelling narrative via spoken words, and in technical filmmaking courses as well as environmental studies programs and programs of disability studies. It touches on a range of crucial policy issues, such as disability accommodations and funding for state and national parks. The many potential educational uses for 4 Wheel Bob pale, however, beside its value as a stand-alone work of meticulous understanding: a fully humane work that moves and instructs us with every image.

— Robert Roper,
Emeritus Professor, The Writing Seminars, Johns Hopkins University, and author of Fatal Mountaineer, Now the Drum of War, Nabokov in America and other works in American Cultural Studies


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